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Here's an idea to think about ya dirty rat….

You can see more at BANKSY.
We copied and pasted these directly from the site linked. It brought a smile to our faces. We hope it does the same for you.
Banksy Quarantine Art


It's an expression we thought up just because people are always talking about work life balance. Working too much and not living enough but we believe it really is the same thing when you think about it …
When you look at the word 'flora' you might think of a flower, or a plant; and rightly so, but if you zoom out a bit perhaps you'll see that it's just life at work. It's doing work that you can't see but it's working hard nonetheless.
We hope at WorkFlora you can blur the lines so that your vitality comes out, without the feeling of drudgery. 
Perhaps in balance happens more vitality and then more work filled with love, not because you must but because you truly want to, even without a paycheck.
Here's to hoping you're staying safe, healthy, and happy during your quarantine ya dirty rat.

Who ya callin dirty, ya filthy human !? 

Banksy Art

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